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Under what circumstances is moderation used on this forum?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 12:52 pm
by Dave Jensen
We remove very few posts on this forum, and make very few edits. Under certain circumstances, however, this can occur. I'd like to restate our policies with regards to moderation on the forum:

- 90% of edits or deletions are due to chat room or screen names used as the Forum Identity when registering, or lower case words and initials from people who didn't read the rules of registration. Our registration rules are very few and easy to follow.

- Now that we have a FAQ in place, certain questions that are very, very common are referred to the FAQ and the poster has the opportunity to post it again if it truly has some new element to it.

- Other than the above, the posts that get deleted are those which have name-calling or that can lead to hot tempers due to sensitive subjects. Topics that are watched very closely in this category are those posts dealing with racial relations, minorities and immigration, etc. While it is impossible for a forum to be politically correct, and we don't even try, it is possible to have a friendly place where no one is posting insulting comments or personal attacks. Sometimes, a post must be removed even if it will lead to these kinds of things, even if by itself it doesn't have the attack in it.

Thanks for your understanding. We strive to make the AAAS Career Discussion Forum a fun place with a lot of great information on science careers.

regards, Dave Jensen, Moderator