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What's an appropriate question for this forum?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 9:55 am
by Dave Jensen
I was recently asked by someone via private email about what is an appropriate question for this forum. It was specific to the question about mice that someone else had posted.

While every situation is different, in general this is a career discussion and questions about "how do I do this sort of technique?" or "what kind of reagent would I use in this experiment" are not a fit for long-term storage in our AAAS Science Career Forum archive. As a courtesy, they are generally left on the forum for several days to get some responses to the original poster, and we recommend that the poster make public his or her email address for the feedback. Sometimes a topic is best kept off-forum, such as the cutting of animals.

Please don't hesitate to post any question you would like on topics of careers, job search, issues that impact your daily life and thus career success, etc. For thirteen years this forum has provided a great resource for those who ask these questions. If you are a shy lurker and you are worried about whether your post is appropriate, post it anyway. Or, worst case, send it to me personally if you have doubts and we can together decide what to do to get you an answer.

Dave Jensen, Moderator