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Bioinformatics experience in pharma company what next?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 8:34 am
by Karen
Hey everyone i've just finished a six month contract where i worked as a bioinformatics analyst for a multinational pharma company.Prior to this it took me six months after i finished my masters just to get a job working in bioinformatics as all the positions required lots of experience.

I now have experience and have been to a couple of interviews again the same answer of u don't have enough experience so we can't really hire you. The only interest im getting is from recruitment agencies in other aspects such a proposal analyst or project coordinator for a clinical trial.

All of the above positions are fine but i want to work in bioinformatics thats why i did my masters so do i just take the next job whatever it is and keep looking until a position for bioinformatics comes up and i leave whatever job that is or do i hold out and just keep trying even if takes another six months for another bioinformatics position to open up.Is it a waste of my time to take up another non-informatics related position as i won't utilise any of my informatics skills??