PhD or Postdoc training for stem cell? Pls help a MD

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PhD or Postdoc training for stem cell? Pls help a MD

Postby Volcan Aslan » Mon Apr 09, 2007 2:43 pm

Hi, from Turkey.

I had my Md from Ankara University,Turkey at 2003 with a cumulative GPA 84,6 /100. Currently I am pursuing my graduate med. education in clinical microbiology, at my 3rd year on it and already have one internationally published paper and 4 poster presentations.

The problem is: the field I desire to work in is far away from what I am doing at the moment for some reasons (mainly financial issues). I want to go on my way with stem cell research, in both fundementals of stem cell biology and clinical applications of neural stemm cells for treatment.

I am a kind of far away from the research training or graduate education system at US. So I must clarify first whether a postdoc training or a PhD is a better way to start. My research experience cosists of a volunteer work in Molecular Genetics Dept, Ankara Univ School of Med. for couple of months, at which I got a chance to become familiar with basic molecular biology methods; and the 3 years of work in clinical microbiology lab with the paper and presentations mentioned above. So it is obvious that I should feel the lack of experience for neuroscience and stem cell research.

Considering all of these, I want to ask if this kind of profile fits with eligibility for a postdoc training in a stem cell research lab, or does postdoc training require more research background in that particular area? Is a PhD more appropriate for me than a postdoc training? How to start?

Thanks to the readers and responders...
Volcan Aslan
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