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PhD or MSc?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 3:56 pm
by KIS
I have an Upper Second Class (Hons) degree in Biomedical science. I am now looking at a Masters or PhD.
I have always loved science, mostly biology and decided I wanted to help find the cure for cancer at a very young age! My degree is the first step on the way. However, all I know is that I am interested in molecular biology, biology of disease (especially cancer), cells and tissue and research methods and skills.
I gained work experience whilst at university in a molecular biology (hospital but research orientated) laboratory for three months and exceeded all targets set of me. I even ended up with a publication and a job offer after university. So I know this is the career for me. As I am highly driven.
I am happy to work under someone as part of a research team as I like to be handed work to be done.
I am not sure whether to do a Masters or PhD. I think as I have an Upper Sceond Class degree I am good enough to undertake a PhD however I have no idea what subject area I am interested in; as they are extremely specific. It is also a massive committment. As with a Masters they are much broader and shorter, however I also want alot more hands on experience as my first degree gave me very little, so I would need to pick a Masters with emphasis on laboratory work . However now I am being told Masters are worthless,as they are much the same as a first degree?
I am also worried about wasting money as I am thinking about taking a loan out to fund my postgraduate studies, which may not get me any further in the future anyway.
I absolutely love science and can not wait to get on and learn so much more. I also miss not researching in a laboratory, as I did not take up the job in the laboratory after I graduated (instead I chose to travel). I would love to learn an extensive amount of techniques and also how to analyse the data I have obtained.
I do not want to give up an exciting career but what should my next step be?

The two Masters I am considering are:

Cancer cell and molecular biology
Molecular pathology and toxicology
Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Would any of these suit my needs?

I appreciate any comments from intellects who may understand where these Masters courses will take me compared to where I would like to be in the future. Or whether I should go for a PhD in a subject close to cancer research and molecular biology.

Thank you for your time.