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government internships

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:37 pm
by Asha

I am a recent MS chemistry graduate who has been working parttime doing energy research for the state, and the other parttime as a community college instructor. I have enjoyed the freedom, but recognize that I should at some point commit myself to a career choice in order to not be viewed as \"flaky\" by potential employers. (I enjoy teaching on the side, but am not interested in it full time).

I have been verbally offered two \"post-grad\" internships with small national laboratories, but these internships are operated through another organization that requires 2-3 months of paperwork processing on the part of the employers. I know that until I have something in writing, these \"verbal\" offers are as good as nothing, but I also feel as though I am leading these organizations on, since I can only accept one offer.

Does anyone have any advice?
Also, in choosing between the two potential decisions, I would like to discuss with other individuals their experiences with different national labs and federal organizations, but am not sure whether or not I can specifically state their names.