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women reentering job market

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 1:14 pm
by Sue Chen
I got my Ph. D. degree in genetics from a very reputable university,did a 3 year post doc and landed a job with a start up biotech company. Moved to Europe with my husband and worked in a reserach lab again and got a patent during that time. All is well so far, except that I also had two young children. The school system is such that I decided to stay at home...that was 8 years ago. Now that the children are older, I am beginning to have spare time on my hands and am getting extremely restless and would like to go back to work. Unfortunately, no interesting, professional job would allow me to work at 30-50% capacity, and I am not willing to work more than that (My husband has a very demanding and job and I am not willing to leave my children to fend for themselves at this very sensitive age). I set my eyes on teaching high school biology and sent my CV to an international school. Although I have a very good academic record, I was turned down because of lack of experience, which I can understand very well. Do you any recommandation for a good distant learning program that grants teaching certificate?

Also, what is my chance of getting into other professional area (communication, marketing, technical writing....) with an international company?...By the way, I am pushing 50.