Career change?

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Career change?

Postby Jo C. » Thu May 31, 2007 2:48 pm

Hi folks,
I\'ve just started to peruse these posts, and I\'ve decided to be brave enough to withstand the negative comments to post a question/thought. I\'m a post-doc at a large university - one of the top in my agricultural field. I came from a university that\'s another \"top in the field.\" I\'m not sure why that\'s important, but other folks seem to think it is, so I\'m including that.
Regardless, I finished my PhD with a less-than-stellar attitude toward research. Whether it\'s due to a sincere lack of interest in research, or a bad graduate experience (let\'s just say my adviser did not like all), research has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I\'m finding it difficult to get rid of it and feel motivated again. Neither academic positions nor industry positions appeal to me, despite the relative freedom of the former and the financial security of the latter.
Anyway, I find I increasingly feel more and more unfulfilled as a straight researcher. My interests lie in outreach education and extension. I find more and more that I am disgusted with the complete ignorance of the general public of simple scientific knowledge. I\'m not talking nuclear physics, here, but simple, biological concepts, such as some-microbes-are-actually-good-for-you. Are you familiar with those \"Kids Discover\" magazines? Those are phenomenal, but only a few children actually have access to them. In fact, I’d love to contribute, but I have no idea how those inner-workings…well…work. It was through these magazines that I developed my scientific curiosity (which I don’t often see in youngsters these days).
Also, I have found, as I review papers for publication and read journal articles, that although research scientists have PhDs, they can’t write worth a darn. Honestly, the grammatical mistakes are appalling. Of course, non-native speakers have a tougher time of it, but to massacre the language so badly that any attempts to understand the science are impossible is extremely frustrating. Is there a market for a professional pre-reviewer-type person? Someone who can read your papers and make such corrections prior to submission? That journals sometimes allow such shoddy writing is sad and frustrating.
What I’m trying to say is that 1) I am passionate about educating the general public in science (biology is my field, in particular); 2) I am concerned with (and good at correcting) grammatical errors in scientific writing; and 3) I have no idea how to combine either or both of these interests with my scientific research background. Or, if I should just let it go and keep working (unhappily) in academia.

Anyway, I guess the summary would be:
Bridge the gap between applied and basic research.
Bridge the gap between theory and practice.
Bridge the gap between academia and the rest of the world (hence the interest in extension).

So, I suppose the main question here is: How do I find information on jobs for PhDs that are not academia OR industry?

Thanks for reading my tome,
Jo C.
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