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Please Help:MSL as a career for a PhD in virology

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:17 pm
by Suba Rao
Hi everybody,

I have some doubts regarding career as medical science liaison that hope to be cleared in this forum

1. I am currently final year graduate student in virology (with a veterinary medicine undergraduate degree from india)from a public university at maryland. Looking at the tough, competitive and fast paced life with perpetual struggle to get funding, I am not much interested to make a career in academia. So the only option i think suitable for me is choosing to go for industry or other areas like clinical research or MSL.
2. But since last month I have been doing some job search over net which look pretty grim for an entry level PhD.
To add more salt on wound, being an international student a lot of small as well as big biotech companies are not interested to hire foreign national as they dont want to get into hassles of visa processing etc.
3. And regarding Medical science liaison job, I could not able to get a single entry level job advertisement over last month. Well somebody has to hire a newbie to make him/her experienced.

So I am kind of lost and confused regarding how to start in the beginning for the advancement of my career in this field
Your opinions on this aspect will be highly appreciated
thanks and with regards