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A question for Joseph Banks and anyone facing a similar issue

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 6:19 pm
by Beryl
[A query from a Science Careers writer in search of story content - mod.]

As you may know, I write monthly articles about postdoc and early-career issues for Science Careers. In April Joseph Banks posted a message, the first of a very interesting thread, regarding his wife\'s difficulties with a PI who would not grant her maternity leave. I hope that Dr. Banks and his wife are now enjoying the joys of midnight feedings and diaper changes and are maybe even getting some sleep.

I am very interested in pursuing the issues that Dr. Banks raised for an article in the near future. I therefore hope that Dr. Banks will contact me off-list at so that I can follow up. In addition, I\'d be very glad to hear from any other postdocs who have experienced or know of similar situations. I will guard and disguise the identity of any postdoc who asks me to, and the many who\'ve confided me in the past know that my word is good on that score. So please, Dr. Banks and anyone else who has information on this issue, please drop me a line at your earliest convenience.

[Please write directly to Beryl, and do not start another thread on this subject here on the forum - mod.]

Best wishes,
Beryl Lieff Benderly