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Question about Outcomes Research

PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 7:13 am
by S.K
Hello Everyone,

In the fall, I will be starting my second year pursuing a combined degree leading to a ph.d. in medical informatics and a master in bio/statistics. Ultimately, I want to land a job in industry.

I have drafted my prospectus and have decided to devote my dissertation on devising statistical methods that will more effectively address population stratification and multiple testing biases in genetic epidemiology studies involving environmental interactions.

During my summer internship in a local big pharma, I heard that \"outcome research\" may be something that I want to look into with my background (statistics, informatics, and epidemiology).

Therefore, I am wondering if anyone in this forum is familiar with this area of research? What positions are available for those working in this area in pharmaceutical companies? And how do I prepare for such positions?

Thanks in advance.