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Medical Device Software Testing

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 7:27 am
by Hugo R.
Although I had graduated with both a BSc and MSc. degree from a very good University of California, I had a very difficult time finding a job in the poor economy of 2001.
I eventually joined a large Medical Device company in a software testing role. Four years and two companies later I still found myself unable to break the \"type-cast\" of medical device software tester. I don\'t know how to program software (nor do I want to learn), and I am not interested in becoming a software quality manager. I don\'t like testing software, yet I can\'t seem to find a job doing anything else.

Does anyone else have a history of this career path and have advice on how they got out of it, or made it more interesting?

I wish someone would have warned me of the dead-end potential of this career path.