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Pharmacists in industry?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 11:09 am
by Darla
I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry and have recently decided to quit my tenure-track position teaching chemistry and biochemistry at a liberal arts college. I suspect that my chances of getting a research position in industry are next-to-nothing, since I haven\'t published anything in the last four years. (And I\'m not sure that a career as a research scientist is what I really want.) So, I\'m thinking about alternative careers.

I\'ve always been interested in pharmacy/pharmaceuticals, and would be willing to attend school for another 4 years to obtain the Pharm.D. However, I can\'t see myself working retail or clinical pharmacy, and I\'d like to be able to use some of my research skills and biochemical expertise in my new career. I\'ve heard that pharamaceutial companies hire pharmacists, but haven\'t been able to get a good grasp of what those positions entail.

Can anyone tell me more about positions for pharmacists in industry; specifically if such a position might allow me to use my research skills and/or biochemical expertise?