looking for CRC job: Please suggest

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looking for CRC job: Please suggest

Postby PKB » Wed Oct 03, 2007 10:55 am

Hello everyone,
Like lot of other people I am also looking for a job (so far nothing in hand). With every passing day it gets more frustrating, nothing else.
I have a M.S in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (which is my second masters). I have additional 4 years of lab research experience and 3 papers published. My research experience was from clinical research and so was my first Masters. I have always liked clinical research over other fields, that’s why during my job hunt when I ran into the terms “CRA, CRC” basically in CROs. That looked very interesting. However, trailing through the forums and discussions I have found so far that with my profile getting a CRA job straight up is difficult ( since I have no experience with clinical trials or GCP stuff). I have been looking for CRC position requirements and looks like I can go for it.
Please suggest me if there is any chance of getting CRA straight up or I should stick to my agenda of climbing the ladder by putting first step as CRC.
Secondly, In few forums I read that CRC jobs are not much paid for. Does anyone have any idea?
Last but not the least, right now I am at a stage where I can go to two paths out of research- one is basic research which was my domain for last 3.5 years and another one is clinical. Basic research jobs always seems like looking for people with a “PhD-hat” even if you want to work out side lab or not. May be I am thinking too negative but this is what I have found out. All I can think of is applying to a “research assistant” or tech job with an M.S. Which I do not want to do because I have seen people rusting in a 4 walled lab doing only bench work day in and day out and ending up learning nothing else.I believe there are so many other areas in research (other than core bench work) which I would like to learn
My eventual goal is to climb ladder high and do an MBA. That’s why I am so much confused that which path I should choose which can lead me to serve as an MBA in research and development field.

I will appreciate your suggestions and help.
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