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Presentations on Health Care Topics

PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 8:37 pm
by Jean W.
I was wondering if anyone would have some advice they could provide. I will be graduating from undergraduate school this May. I\'m applying to graduate school for genetic counseling currently. I recently gave a presentation in front of both laymen people and science professionals. After I was done giving my presentation, the people in the audience that said they had no understanding of the topic prior to the presentation left the presentation with a good understanding of the topic (it was 30 minutes long). I would love to give formal speeches all of the time for various health care topics. I would love to do this along with my professional full-time job. Thus, what type of degree could I get along with my other health care degree that would allow me to give formal talks on health care issues? I was thinking about a masters in health care promotion, but I don\'t think that is really what I\'m looking for.

I do plan on getting a masters in bioethics via a distance education program, but would also like to get a masters in some type of health care degree that will allow me to give formal talks to all types of audiences on health care topics.

I’m thinking about teaching as an adjunct professor at a college to teach one or two courses a semester as well as working full-time in a clinic as a health care professional. I do want to give formal talks on various types of health care issues as well. I just don’t know what type of degree to get, if I would even need a degree to do this. Maybe this is something I just need to organize myself...make my own contacts for places to give talks to.