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expanding job search fields

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:33 pm
by Jim Black
I am job hunting and would love to use my transferable skills in other areas but I\'m not sure where to turn. I have 20 years in the environmental and meteorology fields and I am thinking that between my technical, management and training skills I could find jobs in other areas but when I start plugging keywords into job search engines I find myself at a loss. For example if you type in \"technical skills\" you end up with a thousand jobs since everyone wants technical skills. I know, I should be more specific but I don\'t want to limit my job searching. I could see myself working in R&D or in the business world with my teaching background but everyone wants specialists it seems. I\'m a specialist but I\'m so narrow that it makes it hard to break into other areas, though again I keep hearing that I have all these transferable skills.

If any has a similar experience and has anything to share I would appreciate the help. I just want to branch out a bit and I\'m hoping that employers will see my abilities in my resume, even though I come from a different field.