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Post Doc or Industry? Post doc seeks help

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:12 am
by Micky
Hello every body!

I’m a 33 years old “post-doc” in genetics. I got my PhD 3 years ago. After my PhD, which I have done in Europe whilst I was working for 1 year in the USA, I came back to EU. I spent 1 year in my country working on the same field of my PhD and then I applied for an EU fellowships to get training in a new but related field in another EU country. I have been successful in my experiments, but due to the fact that my boss had to move to another university and the fellowship was quite finished, I haven’t published any paper.
Anyway thanks to collaborations and my work I have reached now the limit of 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals. I still lack a big publication in a journal like Cell, Science or Nature I guess to apply for my own group as research leader. So at the end of EU fellow I took a position as Senior Researcher in a medium-small company in EU. I have done the step thinking about getting experience in industrial field and having the possibility of running lot of experiments with scientists with different backgrounds.

I was wrong. The company is small and the job I’m doing can be done by any technician. I’m not making any good experience nor I feel I’m advancing in my knowledge. Anyway I’m getting hands-on experience in another technique which can be useful for my future career.

Do you think I should finish my year at the company and then look for another job in industry or should I come back to University and find a good group to carry on my research I abandoned to come to industry? Do you think that 1 year in a industry can be spent in a CV for Academia or industrial setting in the future?

Please any suggestion is more than welcomed!