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Does a postdoctoral researcher have a legitimate chance at an R03/R21 award?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:15 pm
by WY
I\'m six months into my first postdoc and in a few years (2-3), I wish to apply for tenure-track positions at research-intensive institutions.

I was wondering what are the chances of a postdoc receiving an R03 or R21? If the preliminary results are deemed interesting by the research community and the PI/department summits a letter of support, would it be plausible for a postdoctoral researcher to receive one of these awards? I understand that within certain institutes, R03 and/or R21 funding is earmarked for particular mechanisms.

Or are these now perceived as awards for new PIs to build a research program toward an R01 application and thus it would be futile for a postdoc to apply for one?

Also, super-briefly, could someone discuss the possible use of a K01 as a mechanism to fund a short second postdoc?