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Junior Faculty Identify Colleges That Treat Them Well

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:36 am
by Ric Weibl
Based on responses of nearly 7,000 faculty members from 78 institutions, this COACHE report gives some additional clues and considerations one might entertain when job hunting for faculty positions.

COACHE, is a Harvard based collaboration of colleges and universities committed to gathering the peer diagnostic and comparative data academic administrators need to recruit, retain, and develop the cohort most critical to the long-term future of their institutions.

The core element of COACHE is an electronic survey designed and tested in focus groups and a rigorous pilot study with twelve sites. The COACHE Tenure-Track Job Satisfaction Survey provides participating institutions with a management tool that can be used as a powerful lever to improve the quality of work life for junior faculty.

I suspect you could determine, in advance, if an institution of interest to you is a participant - and ask for their findings and details of responses to the findings.