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About Project proposal while changing Field

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:10 pm
by C.S
From this forum I have learned that some of the best labs would want me to write a project proposal when applying for a post doc position. Now it is obvious that if you are interested in the prospective labs research and have similar research background, you can go through the relevant literature and come up with something concrete and interesting or something that you always wanted to do.
But what if one wants to change the field?
How do I approach this proposal writing when I just want to learn about that new field and I have no experience in that specific line of research?
Can I just tie up my Phd Graduate expertise that would help the project with the new techniques that I would be learning in this prospective lab?
What could be the things that I should consider while writing a proposed postdoc proposal while changing the field?
I would like to have all the suggestions from the forum.