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RA and CRA Jobs

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:30 am
by Sadee
Due to instability in Postdoc jobs, I switched to a Pharma Company as a Assistant Manager in Quality Assurance Department. Most of my work related to documentation such as preparing Dossier for drug registration, Batch Record, Test procedure, quality assurance profile etc. and I am quite happy with these type of work. I want to stick into Pharma company and hence, I am considering to further my education in Regulatory Affair/ & Clinical Research, probably I will take some diploma/certificate course.
Can anyone suggest me about career in these fields and whether my decision is right or wrong? How far I can end-up in these fields? Does my Ph.D. in cell biology and postdoc experience can boost career in my new endeavour?
Any candid suggestion will be highly appreciated.


Maria D\'Costa