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Next Step Advice

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:42 pm
by T. Holland
I am graduate student looking for some career advice. Unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable going to people in my department because obviously, as professors themselves, they prefer their own career track. When I have talked to a professor, they highly discouraged me from getting \"off\" the post-doc route and said that if I did so, it was career suicide. The situation is that
I come from a high pressure lab where literally everyone was in lab seven days a week, working 10 hours or more a day and if we weren\'t it was definitely pointed out and critized by the PI harshly. I feel that now near the end that I am sometimes doing experiments just in order to graduate and often I don\'t like reading the papers that I know I should. I don\'t like feeling this way and I have never felt this way before at any point in my education, and I am worried that if I feel this way it reflects a lack of dedication to science. Has anyone else ever felt this way? And if so, for how long? Would taking a year off doing something \"else\" be a death-knoll to doing a post-doc? As I stand now, I think I could get into a good post-doctoral laboratory, but I am not sure how that would change if I left science (or academic research) for a while. Sorry if this isn\'t really a direct career question that is appropriate for this forum, but rather a personal experience question.