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Need advice on how to proceed

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:30 pm
by VCK
I applied for a postdoc a few weeks ago with a really good lab. Had to write twice to get a reply, and they told me they had been \'circulating my CV around\', but they were full up, and asked me the latest I could start. I replied back, giving that date.

Since they had said they were circulating my CV, I assumed that it had been with different members of the department, and I told them that their lab was first choice, and hoped something could be worked out; but I was also definately interested by the other research done in the dept. Which is true, had they turned me down, I would have written to some other people in the department.

Been two weeks+ , have not heard back. Don\'t know how to proceed. I know I have to keep nudging to get any sort of reply, but what exactly do I say? Its hard to keep hounding somebody, and its even harder to do it tactfully!