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Qualifications for a Neuroscience job

PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 8:47 pm
by Mriram

I am in the field of MRI from the past 3 yrs.I have been processing and reading neurological data of many neurological disorders.I have dealt with many MRI techniques which can give a better picture of the pathology and physiology of the brain.I have experience in operating MRI scanners on chemicals.My masters degree is in Biomedical engg where I had courses like Physiology,Molecular biology,Biomedical instrumentation and subject relating to Neurophysiology of pain.

Now, I have applied for a job who have asked me experience in
neuroscience and neurostimulation technology areas,
physiological lab,
experience in animal or human studies for proof of concept work and
proficiency in Neuron Simulation program and FEM.

Can someone please help me out how to put my experience into this job?Please help me out.

Thank you,