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bioinformatics phd

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:06 pm
by Benji
I have an undergraduate degree in engineering, and I\'m almost finished an MSc related to bioinformatics. I am considering a PhD in science, but I\'m not sure if that\'s the best choice for someone with my background. I would call myself a strong programmer, ok at statistics/machine learning, and a novice biologist. I\'m an OK writer (except on public internet forums), and a lousy speaker/presenter.

I have an average academic record.

I don\'t mind research, but I\'m strongly applications-oriented. I like to work towards having a tangible product rather than just a publication. It\'s been suggested that not getting a PhD will greatly limit my opportunities for advancement, but is this true for a strongly software-oriented field like bioinformatics as well? I\'m also in my 30s, and will be considering a family soon. (I\'m interested in the thread about mixing a science career with family)

Are there any other engineers/computer scientists that have faced a similar dilemma - and if so would you care to offer any advice?