MS Degree - Skill set

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MS Degree - Skill set

Postby Andy R. » Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:58 pm

Dear all -

As previously discussed, I am a student contemplating leaving my program with a MS degree. Before I make the decision, I wanted to determine whether or not my skill set would be favorable for employment with an MS degree. Any and all input is helpful.

I am currently in a medicinal chemistry department. I have done many different techniques, however, as you may guess, I am not a master at any of them, but, I do have varied experience, which follows as such, this summarizes the majority of what I have done -

1) Organic syntheses of small molecules requiring 1-4 steps on a milligram to multi-gram scale - familiar with purification techniques (HPLC, flash chromatography, recrystallization) and characterization techniques (NMR, IR, MS)
2) In vitro cell-based assays for evaluation of small molecules against various targets/cell lines, proficient in aseptic cell culture technique
3) In vivo studies involving mice - involved administering synthesized compounds to mice and monitoring protein levels in mice organs after sacrifice
4) Monitoring protein expression levels via western blotting - also, experience with flow cytometry

Additionally, I have one first-author publication in print, and another two publications (first-author) coming out soon.

From what I have discussed, would I be competitive for either a biotech or pharma RA position? In addition, I am willing to relocate anywhere and also willing to pick up new skills if need be - it will be a few months before I graduate, if i make the decision. Are there any weaknesses that I possess or other skills/traits I need to be competitive for an RA position? Most people have told me that I should be very marketable/employable with my skill set for a MS position.

Thank you very much for any insight you many have, I appreciate it.
Andy R.
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