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Forum Primer updated and improved

PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:20 pm
by Dave Jensen
For any new readers of our forum who haven\'t yet visited the forum primer, I just want to tell you how much great stuff is in that section of our site. In fact, there is so much value there that I am surprised the AAAS hasn\'t found another way to use it, or perhaps printing it in a booklet form.

At Ale\'s suggestion, we took Eric\'s recent \"non-hub biotech advantages\" post and put it into the Primer.

As the Primer continues to grow and provide even more value, I\'d appreciate it if readers could point out any very valuable sections of thread conversations that we might convert into additional Primer content. In order to make it into this Primer, the content recommended must be universally agreed to be excellent advice, and it must be in a topic area of broad interest.

Thanks to Eric for the most recent update

Dave Jensen, Moderator