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Postdocing to Enter Industry

PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 10:32 pm
by P. Gupta
Hello Forum,

I just finished a PhD in the materials science and mechanics with a focus on biomedical applications. Since I didn\'t wish to pursue an academic career I began looking for industry jobs about 4-5 months back. However, I have had only one interview which didn\'t go very far. I\'m finding that I have a cross-section of skills, that though extensive, are not really a suitable fit for almost any industry job. I don\'t to leave science, but I\'m not super keen on the postdoc option. However, I feel I\'m being cornered into it for lack of a better choice. I have some postdoc offers where I think I would be able to build my experimental and numerical repertoire to be a more attractive candidate. However, all of these postdocs want a two year commitment - I\'m basically interested in picking up some new tools, and then transitioning as soon as possible. I could accept one of these postdocs and then leave earlier, but I don\'t wish to burn bridges or be unfair (I\'ll admit I wasn\'t exactly up front about my goals).

I\'d like some advice on what would be a reasonable and fair course of action.