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Placement Terms & Conditions Agreement

PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:41 pm
by Michael
In my quest to move off the academic pipeline, I have been applying to positions in Medical & Pharmaceutical industries.
One specific area(MSL) that I thought I would fit in well because of my medicine & biophysical backgrounds has not resulted in a job offer.
Some aspects of MSL jobs have previously been discussed in this forum. Hence, I refrain from giving a lengthy post.
In short, in one of my On-Line applications for MSL, I was contacted and asked to sign a \"Placement Terms & Conditions Agreement\", before the details of position will be revealed to me.
It seems this company is a placement service for MSL jobs.
My questions to the forum are:
(1)Is this type of agreement common?
(2)What are the advantages & disadvantages of this kind of agreement?
(3)Am I restricting my prospects?