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Is a postdoc realistic?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:03 pm
by VMM
I am an MD that did my medical studies in Germany (but I am a US citizen)and I am currently waiting for my defense after which I will have the title Dr. med. Although this is a scientific title- it is not comparable to a PhD attained in the US.

I am going to be moving to the states in a few months and wish to do a postdoc in the field of Psychiatry for several years before staring a residency. I have a BS from the US and quite a bit of research experience but only three publications- none of which are first author publications and 2 of which are in a different field (hemotology)!! Can I expect this to pose a large problem for me when I apply for a postdoc?

Thank you so much for the advice!!!!