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When Your Industry Application is Ignored

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:59 am
by Andy Spencer
One frustration many job seekers mention is that no response to their application is received. I recently have been looking for LC/MS/MS candidates and gained a bit of insight into why this might be, at least sometimes. Thought I'd share.

Sometimes, companies set up "careers" email accounts that multiple hiring managers can log into in order to check responses to job postings. If candidates do not specify a specific job code, their email may not be noticed by any specific hiring manager because we look for our job code. Those without job codes seem to languish without responses. The number of total emails is high enough that the "code-less languishers" may not hear back.

Anyway, if a job posting asks for a job code to be specified be sure you do it. For one, following simple directions is a good thing to do. But in addition it may help you get at least some response.

Good luck to all,

Andy Spencer