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Reminders of Forum Policies

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:16 pm
by Dave Jensen
Please note that these policies are the rules by which moderation is conducted on this forum discussion. Your cooperation would be very much appreciated:

1) Politics are not a topic for discussion. The forum revolves around questions and advice dealing with science careers.

2) Each poster deserves respect and the freedom to ask questions or provide advice. No poster will be allowed to openly attack or belittle another in this discussion.

3) Please limit discussions of salary to general concepts as opposed to specific numbers. If you'd like help on your salary numbers, leave your email address open on the forum for direct person-to-person communication.

4) As a courtesy to our host (the AAAS, and specifically please do not reference or promote other sites which are in their space.

5) Our discussion is conducted in business English, without the use of chat or texting shortcuts and usernames.


Dave Jensen, Moderator