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Advice on education path for advanced chem/physics

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:55 am
by Jerry G.
I'm just about done with my engineering/chem/math classes for the basic levels (up to DiffEQ, Eng Physics II, Chem II, etc..) and I'm wanting to take a serious look at what path I want to define for myself to get into a field I've always been interested in. (I'm currently a chemistry major.)

Metamaterials; It's a diverse field and what I think is probably the most important aspect for the future of all human technology. The field seems to split off into heavily chemistry based, mathematical (simulations perhaps?), and physics (optics, vibrations, etc). I've been trying to read up on a lot of different types of metamaterials and how they work but the material can become overwhelming. I'm really just anxious to talk to anyone related to the field and what classes/skill sets they think are most important.