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Cold email/Cover letter advice

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:30 pm
by A.R.P.
Hello all,

I recently graduated from college and have been working on looking for my first laboratory job. I am starting by both applying to posted jobs and cold emailing researchers investigating topics I am interested in. I have been doing lots of research on how to write cover letters and cold emails, but being new to all this I am not sure if I am indeed doing this correctly. That being the case I am posting my cold email here to try and get some help. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you!

Dear Dr. XXX,

Hello, my name is XXX and I recently graduated from XXXX College. I am intrigued by your work investigating how trophoblasts are influenced by environmental conditions such as hypoxia. I read your 2008 article in Endocrinology regarding how hypoxia effects the expression of Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) and was curious as to why you think hypoxia increases CTGF mRNA levels and CTGF secretion, but does not affect the cellular level of CTGF?

I am interested in reproductive biology and the fetal development and would love to work with you in order to learn more about the theoretical and technical aspects of this field. At XXX College I concentrated in molecular biology and epigenetics. I have a strong background in molecular and cell biology and I am very experienced in both conducting independent research and working collaboratively in a laboratory context. My research at XXX College investigated the multiple, interrelated factors that influence the pathogenesis of disease with a focus on the relationship between environmental factors and biological states, specifically how environments influence epigenetic states. These interests culminated in a senior honors thesis in which I carried out an experiment of my own original design. Through constructing this project, I gained acumen and competency in experimental design and problem solving. I want to continue doing research that focuses on the relationship between environmental factors and biological states, and I believe an opportunity in your laboratory would provide me with knowledge and experience that will allow me to explore my interests from new and varying perspectives

I have attached my resume in order to give you a better idea of my background thus far and would love to speak with you regarding how I could make a significant contribution to your lab at the XXX Research Institute. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,
My Name