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Steps in the transition from research to patent law/IP

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:18 pm
by Julius
I've decided that I want to attend law school in the future to become a patent attorney. I am not just interested in being a patent agent, I would like the law degree so I can also participate in litigation and other work that is available to someone with a JD. Currently I'm working as a research scientist with a biotech company (I have a PhD and worked as a post doc in academia prior to my current position). I have recently received the offer of a licensing manager position at a tech transfer office.

I plan to attend law school in a year or so. I understand that a strong GPA and LSAT are the key ingredients to getting into a good law school, but I'm wondering whether the experience of working at a tech transfer office might be an additional plus for my post law school career in IP law, vs. staying put where I am in research? The disadvantage of the tech transfer job is that the salary on offer is less than my current salary and it would involve a considerable relocation. Any thoughts?