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Addressing the selection criteria?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:54 am
by S.P.J.
Hi all,

I know this may be a long shot as it may be somewhat location specific, but any advice would be welcome.

Let me just say that I am in Australia so I'm not really sure how this affects the job application process, many things seem to be similar to that in the UK where I am from but I think there are some differences. I am applying for research jobs and it seems that a major factor in the application is the inclusion of a 'Statement Addressing the Selection Criteria' as well as a CV/resume and cover letter. My understanding is that the usual approach is to put the criteria as bold headings and under each one a paragraph or two saying how you meet each one.

I have seen posts on here before saying that often it is OK if an applicant meets say 70% of the criteria but does not meet a couple of them, but how do I address this if I have to provide a written statement for each showing how I meet that criterion?

With regard to the headings format of the statement document what do I do, just leave that bit blank (which would look pretty rubbish), delete it and hope no-one notices (!) or try to fill it in with some related experience that is tenuously linked to what they're actually looking for or shows that I could learn that aspect of the job?

As I said I'm not sure if this applies in all countries, not had to do it in this formal way in the UK but rather included the information in my CV/cover letter but this seems to be fairly common here from what I've seen so any help or advice would be very much appreciated, thanks.