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Funded position vs own fellowship for a cool project

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:57 am
by M. Smith
Hi there,

Would really appreciate some advice. Been a postdoc for a bit over 1 year and decided to change now (long story and not really relevant to topic). Because of my skills a lot of groups are very interested in me and I get a reply every time I write to someone. I have a kind of complicated choice to make now. A big name in the field offered me to work on a subject that is very close to my heart and something I did as a "secret" side-project during my PhD (although now in a different model organism). If I would put all my time and attention to it I could push it forward very fast as I have the necessary background. The potential outcome could be very influential for the whole field. However, he doesn't have money to hire me and I should apply for my own fellowship. Hence I can only change my lab in no earlier than half a years time. In addition, by going this route I would take the risk of finding money as the competition is tough. From my PhD I have a 1st author paper in a 15 IF journal and another in 10 IF journal, plus a few smaller papers.

Another group is offering me a 3y funded position. While the topic is interesting I know less about it and cannot get as excited as with the other option. It is a smaller lab, started about 4 y ago. On the plus side is financial security. I can still apply for fellowships when the salary is running and I can change the lab almost immediately.