Publish the literature review part of thesis by myself

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Publish the literature review part of thesis by myself

Postby Sana » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:15 pm

Is it ethically ok for me to publish the literature review part of my PhD thesis by myself, I mean I put inly my name and not my tutors' name as a review article?
It is only the review part which I have done all by myself, and I haven't sent it to my tutors' to read and correct it for my thesis yet, so technically it is all me.
Still I want to know if it is ethically right for me to do that and not considered plagiarism.
the reason I want to do that is because my tutors are very bad tempered people and they will create me a nightmare every time I want to publish or even something as stupid as an abstract for a conference. so I avoid being co-athors with them as much as possible, even at the high price of having few publications. I know that if I wait for them to correct the chapter and tell them I want to publish a review they would want me to publish in a few high IF journals that they want, and that could take me a long time getting published and by that time the review would be well out dated. I'd rather not publish that being a co-author with a bunch of obsessive freaks.

so please tell me if I am breaking any law by publishing a review article based on my thesis before I submit the draft of my thesis to my profs?

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Re: Publish the literature review part of thesis by myself

Postby Rich Lemert » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:14 am

There are no "laws" (that I'm aware of) that would prevent this, but it is walking a fine ethical line - and it's probably going to create more problems than it's worth.

The ethical concern stems from the fact that your literature work came as part of your thesis project. Your project probably was originally suggested by your tutors, you used institutional resources (i.e. the library), and you were most likely supported by the group during the process. The only way I see there not being an ethical issue is if you came to the group having already conceived of the idea and performing your literature search.

As a practical matter, if these people are as "hot-tempered" as you claim, imagine how they are going to react when they see your review in print. They have a track record in your field - you don't. They can have a strong negative effect on your professional life. Why risk turning an indifference about you into outright enmity.

Also, what is a review article going to buy you? At this stage in your career it's really just "padding your publications" and most people will recognize it as such. Reviews don't carry much weight with hiring managers/committees because they are not independent research - you haven't shown you can produce anything new and novel. (Reviews tend to be written by more experienced people because a) they can afford to waste the time (they already have tenure), and b) they have the breadth of experience to put everything in context.
Rich Lemert
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