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Non-Reseach Career Ladder for B.S./M.S Bioengineer

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 2:27 am
by Koeh
Hello Everyone,

Uncertainty of the future as a BS bioengineer is great not only for me but most of my classmates at UCSD going into biotech industry. Please help us.

I. Background:
I am 23 and will get B.S. from UCSD Biotech soon. I have 1 summer oversea research, 1 year industry manufacturing exp, 1 year research exp at SALK, and work at Illumina in software test right now.

II. Next Step (<2 years)
Apply for a master program that is RESOURCEFUL and FAMOUS but don't HAVE to be great in Biotech (i.e. USC, Columbia, BU). The degree is for networking, for compensating my poor 3.1 GPA and for avoiding glass ceiling.

III. Long-term Goal:
Move toward business development or program management --> Director or even VP in biotech/pharma/medical device company 30 years from now.

IV. Problem:

How to expand on what I have to:
1. better my career development (go to R&D? stay in Manufacturing? apply for another department? Which?)
2. and get into the type of graduate school I mentioned (USC, Columbia, BU...)

I know I can't and shouldn't plan for so long into future but I am just wondering whether my long-term goal is feasible and if so how do I actually carry them out?

By the way, I have good recommendation letters/reference, and will hire a application consultant to fix my fobby English so I am too worry about that part.

Any advice is much appreciated,
Thanks in advance~