Headhunter for new PhD - Bay Area?

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Headhunter for new PhD - Bay Area?

Postby P.C. » Wed Mar 29, 2006 5:51 am

TK wrote: I have tried contacting professors regarding post-docs, but they have indicated they have no money. A few suggested I bring my own, but it’s darn hard to write a research proposal for a grant without access to university-type science search engines.
Huh? University type search engines? I think you an do a lot with google, endnote (available as a free 30 day trial or appz), and pubmed. If you need the articles, you can possible visit the University library to download the ones you need?
It does not seem right that they say bring your own money.. that seems overly demanding for a mere post doc position. But it does not seem right that you cannot get a post doc. Your area must have been pretty obscure. But keep trying.
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Headhunter for new PhD - Bay Area?

Postby T.K. » Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:41 pm

I've not found PubMed helpful when searching non-medical/non-bio topics.

Yes, google, science citation index get me part of the way there but certainly not access to the journals themselves. My experience is that universities requires a password to access many journals (like via science direct)...I need to investigate if I can get a 'visitors' user name and password.
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