Research assistant professor

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truth telling and people management

Postby P.V. » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:32 am

It was a great response and I appreciate help from all of you. Everybody takes a different approach in responding and as long as some people balance it out with more sympathetic, positive and pragmatic responses, harsher responses have great value. And a forum format, as opposed to one-man-show, takes care of that part.

I wish to add my cents.

A PI, while s/he may seem like taking advantage of the postdoc, may also be unaware of, or helpless about the current job situation.

If a postdoc does not get a faculty position or gets only one paper in seven years, it is not always PI's fault. For all we know, PI may sincerely believe in the final outcome of a project and generally is similarly at the mercy of research elements. She may not be just egging on.

Even if they (PIs) know the reality, they can not always change it.

John M. I apprecaite all your feeback and good wishes, but I would appreciate if you stop casting doubts about the legitimacy of a post. In an open forum, there is never a guaratee, so why insult somebody genuine?

I guess this string is already dead while I was away, so there is not much point in providing what Kelly has asked for. But just for the record..

Only MD, not PhD.
K level NIH award 2003-2006, $ 100,000/ year, (under institutional program grant, so only intra-institutional competition)
1 first author paper (MCB, I.F. 8-9)
5 additional papers with non-first authorship.
3 first author papers in the pipeline (1 year max)

And just an exit feedback, based upon all your responses and conversation with others, I have decided to ask my PI for a RAP position. But because it is not so important, I or my PI will not push for it.


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truth telling and people management

Postby Ike » Sat Jul 22, 2006 3:04 pm

This is already a long post. But staying in a postdoc for 7 years is totally against all that I believe or stand for. I remain an advocate for making your own way. If you want a position at Yale or MIT or UCLA, then staying in a postdoc that long may be a good idea, although its doubtful it will help you... Why did P.V. not start looking for a job many years ago, say after 3 years postdoc???
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Research assistant professor

Postby John B. » Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:59 pm

PV. How about asking for an Assoc. Research Prof level position? I was a postdoc for something like 10+ years and managed to get that designation when I obtained a 3-year foundation grant. Seems like "Associate" would be preferable to "Assistant" level.
John B.
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Re: Research assistant professor

Postby N.N.G. » Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:43 pm

An unemployed scientist who served little more than 15 years as a non-tenure RAP and submitted several grants. All based on network. Good luck.
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