Does anyone know any non-clinical careers that focus on Trauma/First aid?

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Does anyone know any non-clinical careers that focus on Trauma/First aid?

Postby Jim C. » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:01 am

I've ask a couple of questions on this forum before and got some great answers but I've just got another question. I’m looking for some other options for careers that deal with trauma, at the moment I’m looking to train up as a physical therapist and then specialize in trauma, as out of all of the clinical careers I’ve looked at physical therapy appealed to me the most as it deals with the topics I’m interested in and is very flexible in the hours and places that you work at. So at the moment physical therapy is defiantly the direction that I’m going to head in, but I would just feel more at ease knowing that if physical therapy didn’t work out that there were other careers that deal with trauma and first aid that I could get into. The main concern I have with physical therapy is that I’m someone who worries and over analyzes things so the Idea of giving people advice on health is something that concerns me as I wouldn’t want to go into work every day worrying about accidentally injuring or killing someone, this is why I didn’t want to go into careers such as nursing or being a doctor as giving medicine seemed like something that I would worry about too much, and as far as I know physical therapists don’t give out medicine. But I might not feel that way at all when I do it so I still want to give it a try and not let fear hold me back.

So I would just like to ask if anyone knows if there are any other careers (not clinical) that deal with trauma and that I could get into now (e.g. becoming a physical therapy assistant whilst I train up). I do enjoy the Idea of creating a recovery plan for someone who has had an injury but for me I’m more interested in how that injury occurred, what damage it had on the body and best way to treat it or researching new ways to treat it, for example I recently found out that spider webs have antibacterial properties and can be used for cuts in the wilderness, researching stuff like this is so interesting to me and I love learning about it. I’ve been looking at careers within science and engineering but I’ve only found careers like forensic science but I haven’t found as many job vacancies for it and I don’t think it’s as flexible as physical therapy in terms of being self-employed and where you work, but It’s defiantly still an option to consider. Also research centers seem like places where I could find out more information as I could volunteer and possibly obtain a job as a research assistant whilst I get a degree related to trauma but I’m not too sure what types of careers this can lead to other then teaching. I was also looking into local charities that deal with first aid as this is also something I’m interested in and have looked into teaching first aid but I’m not too sure if you could do it as a career if it’s on a voluntary basis.

Sorry for the long post, I would really appreciate any suggestions about careers that focus on topics such as trauma, wounds, injury, and first aid, that I could get into now at a low level and work my way up. Like from a physical therapy assistant position to a full on physical therapist position or a research assistant to a full on researcher/scientist.
Jim C.
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Re: Does anyone know any non-clinical careers that focus on Trauma/First aid?

Postby John D. D, » Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:42 pm

You sound like an explorer. It is hard to define a career (which usually has a fixed ladder) from a trail-blazer.

I think along the exploring track, you want to find something that
will have resonance, be successful, and therefore will translate into more possibilities to do something similar. You either have to be able to communicate this (writing or orally), or hire someone who will promote you.

Along the career track, you could look at legal opportunities, taking
and writing case histories, bench work on the basic science of wound healing and pathology, depending on how much you enjoy interacting with people and/or what kind of relationship you want to have with people.

I think that there are many opportunities for taking case histories and trying to develop assistive technology for people who have strokes, or other disabilities. It can be even along the lines of redesigning buildings to be truly handicapped accessible for individuals in non-motorized wheelchairs, or independent-living assistant where you help people who can usually do everything themselves but if they get into a situation where they can't, it becomes hugely problematic - like battery failure on a wilderness hike.

Finally, there are so many animals who could use a hand. Animals are generally so stoic and many suffer silently. Going into a field where you do physical therapy work with animals (like helping them to swim) would be a possibility, but you would have to: a) be very able to pick up on what works with an animal without vocalization, or b) enjoy working under a vet.
John D. D,
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Re: Does anyone know any non-clinical careers that focus on Trauma/First aid?

Postby John D. D, » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:50 pm

I had another thought on this.

You could also work in an area where your anxiety would work for you instead of trying to fight it or avoid it.

This would be in the many areas of trauma prevention. Analysis of situations for risk of trauma would be an independent activity that you could try as a consultant.
John D. D,
Posts: 70
Joined: Sat May 30, 2015 1:53 am

Re: Does anyone know any non-clinical careers that focus on Trauma/First aid?

Postby Yandorio » Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:10 pm

Ambulance Chaser.
But you need to go to Law School.
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