Restructure and middle management

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Re: Restructure and middle management

Postby D.X. » Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:35 am

Just wanted to make a few Points:

1. Change is constant. On the industry side, restructuring can be a near yearly event. In the past year - i've been through a new CEO, new Senior leadership, new structure, new functions, and certainly new bosses, year-to-date i've been through 4 bosses. Also, this means the political landscape changes too along with the personalities. My Company is not different than any other Company - some companies operate in a perpetual state of re-structuring. And i'm being serious on that last Point. I'm in a small pharma and my Partner in a very big well-known pharma - i hear they change on a near daily Basis - there is always talk of change and implimentation of change in that Company - she has been through 3 bosses in 1.5 years as well, not to mention change of Team a couple times..and this is big pharma. And those employees have an even worse element of change, it is possible that their job is in another country demanding that they are expated out within a month, with not say in the matter other than choose not to have a job. Therefore more than ever, one must adapt and be flexible and be responsive. Not reactive per se. So consider the above - this is the real world. Re-structuring is constant.

2. Regarding Management, with all personalities, one needs to adapt and be flexible. Lets face it, we're not at work to have lovey-dovey relationships with our colleagues and Supervisors, certainly it is note the responsiblity of a Supervisor to give you 100% dedicated Attention. They have their objectives as you have yours - hopefully aligned to thiers. The role is to Support where applicable and provide you the elements you need to deliver on objectives - this includes appropriate mentoring and development. Your responsiblity is to maximize the elements provided to you and signal red flags if not appropriately resourced.

3. As Managers grow, they learn how to best manage per their style. There are common threads to Management of others that can appear a bit like a check-box. Those who are really good at Management and leadership reduce the check-box perceptions of subordinates, they are integrative of thier People managment objectives into their style and employee needs. Not all are good here. But this is really not the subordinates concern in my opinion, its really about subordinate adapting and flexing accordingly. I don't recommend waiting for attention - rather to be constructive, be proactive with Managers who are not directing the Attention you Need to deliver on your objectives, which includes development. Balance that with not being an attention hound, that can easily be perceived as not being indepedent or not being a leader.

In summary, its self-limiting to expect Management to give 100% attention to you. If one expect thats, then one has alot of maturing to do. It is the employees responsiblity to be pro-active and adapt to Management styles of bosses irrespective of thier leadership style. And Change happens and today its constant. It the norm. If one can't adapt, then one is left behind and These days the risk of being left behind is very high on many fronts, knowledge wise, politically wise, competitive wise and just maybe - geographically wise as well.

Hope this helps -

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