Where to start looking_entery level job seeker

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Where to start looking_entery level job seeker

Postby Iah Ward » Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:49 am

I have been out of the biology field since i graduated in 2009. I have a B.S. in Biology from San Diego State University.

I spent 6 months as an intern in a virology research lab.

I am seeking to find a job in the biology field. I'm most interested in finding work in the conservation field. At the moment I also have an interest in lab work in the medical field such as processing lab tests in or for hospitals or health research.

Many jobs require varying levels of experience. The first places I've looked are through "conservation jobs" google searches and online job boards such as monster and

I was wondering if anyone has advice or information on how to find a position to get into the field for a person who's been out so long and has virtually no experience.
Iah Ward
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Re: Where to start looking_entery level job seeker

Postby PG » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:07 am

From what I can see in this field it is not different to any other field of science in that networking is a key successfactor in finding a job. Try to identify a few people who are currently holding the type of position that you are interested in and make contact. Preferrably talk to them rather then sending an e-mail. What you want to do is to have a discussion with these individuals about the work they do, how a typical day looks, what the positives and negatives are with the type of job they have and what their path was to the position they have today. As a part of this discussion it becomes relevant to talk about what you have been doing up to today.

This should give you information that you can use both to determine what you actually want to do and also what is required to get there. As a bonus you network with people in the field that you are interested in which may result in them remembering you when the unit they work for needs to add another person. Also in this type of networking discussions try to get at least one new contact from every discussion that you have. For example if a person mentions another individual working with a specific type of question ask if you can get in touch with that individual for further discussions. The bigger network you build the more knowledge you will get and the higher probability that someone will recommend you for a position.
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Re: Where to start looking_entery level job seeker

Postby D.X. » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:59 am


I recommend you as a first step go the the USA gov Jobs Website and type biology in the search field. You will find a list of government Jobs you can apply for. Look for US wildlife and fishereis department as one agency, but you'll see many Job Posts from a variety of agencies.

Second, start making contacts to your State Department of Conservation (DEC), one place is to visit if you can is your local State DEC Police, whereas you may not (or may) have an interest in Law Enforcement, they can help with your Networking. Visit your local state and County Level parks, talk to the Park Rangers - basically do your informatinal interviewing. Your State Police DEC can probably connect you here.

There was a time I was interested in conservation biology and did have I would say fairly good contacts into my State DEC.

Regarding your degree from 2009, you will probably Need to explain what what you've been doing since then - it will be a barrier but with some government Jobs, you may have an easier effort due to competition landscape - geographic flexiblity would be in your best interest as well. However, government Jobs where, especially those linked to a civil Service examination will put you on a more equal playing field competition wise, should you perform well.

Good luck,

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Re: Where to start looking_entery level job seeker

Postby Dick Woodward » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:30 pm

Good advice from PG and DX - as always. Give a great deal of thought to how you will explain what you have been doing since then, and develop responses for the questions that your explanation might engender. If possible, try to show how the experiences in that time can help you in the new position. For example, if you have been selling cars, you might point out that the experience has given you excellent people skills and the ability to ask questions that draw out what people are really thinking - if the position is people-oriented, this could be a real advantage. Naturally, this is only an example.

Next, remember the two most important rules in job hunting:

Rule 1: Network, Network, Network.

Rule 2: See Rule 1

Good luck,

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Dick Woodward
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