Career advice (Regenerative Medicine), internships, etc.

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Career advice (Regenerative Medicine), internships, etc.

Postby MartinIZ » Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:53 am

Hello everyone and happy New Year.

After a year working in South America in a Cell Therapy/Regenerative Medicine company I find myself searching for a job once again (Ideally in a similar job).
After taking a break for December I'm starting the serious job hunting now, so I'm seeking advice for a more efficient search.

Background: Biochemist with 2 MSc (Biomedical Engineering and Pharma. 1 year of experience in a cell therapy Start-up in South America (we did research and produced clinical grade cell product*). I aim to find a job doing some lab work in interesting projects applied to human health (especially related to degenerative conditions related with ageing), salary is not that important to me. I would travel anywhere for a job, nothing tying me down and can speak a few languages (Spanish, English,some German and Portuguese).

*By Cell Product I mean processing Bone Marrow Aspirate or Stromal Vascular Fraction, for example. Our Research project involved a rather new type of Pluripotent stem cell (not iPSC) with great potential in therapy.

During my student years I was a bit "lost" and the terrible job-market I found in my country (Spain) made me keep studding instead of working, and once I was done with my MScs I have little success with the job search (mostly because I limited myself to my own country). 2 years later and when I though I was done for managed to get an internship, and eventually a job in a Start-up. It was close to my dream job, but unfortunately company wasn't doing to well and a year later and after a change in management they started firing. I never had any bad criticism with my job performance but I wasn't essential enough to remain (I keep good relations with my ex-coworkers and the CEO.).

So taking my stay abroad as a second chance to get my career somewhere I would like to find something similar, I would like some advice with a few things:

-First, what should be my job description? Officially I was the "Quality Manager", but for a tiny company it didn't mean much (plenty of paperwork and basic QC). I worked a lot in the Production and Research Lab, assisting to the Lab Manager with essentially everything (it was the two of us alone who worked in the lab). I had plenty of training in cell culture and processing human tissue for clinical use (I could do the "Production" all an my own and could take care of part of the research, so I wasn't just assisting). So what should I write in my job description (in LinkedIn, for example)? Research Laboratory Assistant? Laboratory Analyst? Ideally I would like to work in a position that allows me to take part in research.

-Second, what could be the most effective search strategy for me to use?
In the past I limited myself to Spain and a bit of EU. Used platforms like EURES, but I know plenty of others. Back then I just didn't have enough experience to be eligible for most positions, now I should have at least a chance. Could you recommend me some good sites for international hiring? Working in the EU would be the easiest for me, but I would travel anywhere for an interesting job. Any advice for job hunting outside the EU?

I'm also submitting my updated resume to the most interesting national companies (where I have a couple of contacts) but I don't expect much from it. Is it worth it to send CVs to companies that haven't published a job offer? I've done it in the past with no success.

My network in my own country is limited to a few companies that hire mostly PhD types, I don't think I can expect much from this. I also have a few contacts in Brazil, Chile & Argentina, but for the short term (next 3 months)I will keep South America as the Plan B.
From what I have gathered job recruiters aren't the best option unless you are an experienced researcher, right?

-Lastly, I would gladly do another internship (even if there is no chance of being hired afterwards). Thing is that most programs require you to currently be in the uni, a recent graduate or younger (I'm 31). I found a couple of programs (had to pay to take part) that were compatible with me in the past, the one I took (reasonably prized) and another one in Australia or Canada that sounded like a scam. Could you give me any advice in this regard?

I welcome any advice, I've probably overlooked something that could help me.

Thank you for your interest and advice.
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