which job to choose

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Re: which job to choose

Postby RGM » Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:41 pm

Sophie Z. wrote:Hi, Steven,
You are right. Honestly, I came in the door with a hope of getting hired as FTE in some time. Although these are cases I saw in few other employees in the current company, I understand this may not be replicable on me. I will still give myself 6 months for now. What I can do is to learn as fast and as much as I can within limited time. Even they may not hire me in the future, I should have developed strong expertise during this period. At that time, leaving a company that doesn't offer me a chance to contribute will not be my loss. lol

Make sure you establish a network with people who can serve as professional references, eg team members and supervisor etc. In short develop good working friendships at a minimum.
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Re: which job to choose

Postby Steven Z. » Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:09 pm

The study was not specific to science. One of the staffing agencies that used to spam me said 1/5 of their contractors find full time work in their emails but they aren't specific to science either. From what I've seen science positions are about the same rate as the Upjohn study. A lot of the big corporations are full of permatemps and they rarely hire anyone and if they do it is after years.

As I said, I'd assume they are carrot and sticking you with the promise of do a good job and we'll hire you because chances are that is correct. Although references are useful I personally don't think these companies even deserve the courtesy of a 2 week notice for contract jobs. If it causes a disruption too stinking bad that is what you get for pulling this crap. However, if you need the reference that is a nonstarter.
Steven Z.
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Re: which job to choose

Postby PG » Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:51 pm

DIfferent companies does things differently. Looking at my department we have probably had maybe 15 temps either as direct hires or though staffing companies during the last 5 years. Of these a couple of people were not good fits for our Group (good people but not for the position that we needed them in), maybe 5 of them decided to leave our company for other positions and the remaining 8 are still working within the company and most of them within the departement. Most of these as direct hires in permanent positions. A couple of the more newly hired temporary staff still has temporary positions but based on history they have a rather high probability of going from these temporary positions to permanent positions either within the department or somewhere else.
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