need advice for postdoc offers

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need advice for postdoc offers

Postby E Shevek » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:55 pm


I recently did my PhD thesis defense and I am looking for a postdoc position. During the last few months, I applied for the two different fellowship programmes in another country and I was lucky enough to get both of the fellowships. However, I cannot decide to choose one, cause both of the labs seem to be quite problematic due to the attitudes of the future PIs.

The first offer is not actually for postdoc but just for visiting another lab for a couple months. At the beginning, the PI told me that she would engage me with an ongoing project as a collaborator. After I talked to her former senior postdoc, I figured out that she was actually moving somewhere else and not planning to go to the lab regularly. She only has one PhD student. It was strange that she did not explain none of them, even though I asked her about the lab.

The second offer is for two years. But I doubt about the lab and PI a lot, because his former international students did not graduate with a good publication record ( one published paper coming one year after the graduation). His former postdoc spent there 4 years but she only got one paper and it is not in a journal with a high impact factor. During our interview, he also mentioned that he first contacted the lab (in a different country) that we were in collaboration to check out if I really spent some time there. I think it is an unsual way to evaluate somebody's application since it is lack of trust even before speaking with her/him.

So I need advice about those two labs to understand whether I exaggerate things or they are really problematic. I would like to do other applications but I still need some time to get my published papers from my previous lab.

I think that I can ask to the second lab to wait until next year, if they do not mind. Do you think it would be so bad if I find another job and do not show up next year?

Thanks a lot in advance.
E Shevek
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Re: need advice for postdoc offers

Postby Ana » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:05 pm

Hi E.,

It sounds like you don't think any of the labs is a good choice.

If you don't want to join any of the two labs then you should just continue your job search. In your last line you seem to say you could still take a full year of job searching before you need to make a decision so in that case it seems best to not accept any of these positions and just keep looking for a place that you like.

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Re: need advice for postdoc offers

Postby Dick Woodward » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:18 pm

I think that Ana is absolutely right (quelle surprise! - she always has good advice). If neither of these labs are "singing" to you, I would turn them down and continue your search as Ana suggested.

Thoughts from the last person to ask about academia....

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Dick Woodward
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